Why do I love rocks?


Rocks, minerals, or crystals, whatever you want to call them, have always been in my life. I recall when I was a little girl and my mother gave me a birthday present of a little amethyst elephant pendant. I was in love with it, so was my mom because she never let me wear it... but I would look at it and hold it at times, loving the feel of it in my little hands. I believe that is when I caught the bug, the rock collecting bug. Fast forward to my teens, I would always go for gemstone jewelry, it had to be rainbow moonstone, amethyst or lapis lazuli, those were my go to’s. Fast forward to my thirties and yes still collecting...bordering on an addiction…but I am not going to give up my lovely rocks. Now my current favorites are selenite (can’t get enough) black tourmaline, shungite and moldavite. I walk around with polished gemstone bracelets, rings with stones, crystals in my pocket, of course I carry rocks in my bra (doesn’t everyone?!) crystals in my car, and bags. I am never that far from a lovely mineral grown by mother earth. So I guess you could say it is my passion..

I love the different crystals that there are, there is something for everyone to enjoy, to explore, to find a creative expression with. One of my favorite things is looking at rocks and seeing which call to me, and then finding ways to incorporate them into my life. If you have any questions about crystals, or want to wish me good luck with my new venture, or want to see blog about something in particular, send me a message or post a comment.

Any who back to the now, fast forward to real time now (a little past time for you now) I am so glad, so grateful, so incredulous, so so so so happy that I am sharing my journey with you! I cannot wait to see how far Ixchel Crystals will go.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

-Tania, aka Ixchel Crystals