About Ixchel Crystals

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Ixchel Crystals came to be one day in very late summer. Some of my family were in town, and I was telling them that I was ready for a change after being in the cosmetic retail world for 15 years. We spent the afternoon debating names and ideas until Ixchel Crystals was born. Within 10 days I had a business. It’s true what people say: when it’s right, it all comes together (and fast!). I sit here typing in awe that I even am working on a website (I have no clue how to build a website). I am continually amazed at the progress my small business has made. Bringing beauty and healing into people’s lives gives me so much joy.  I’m so happy to share these beautiful crystals with you. If you are here and are purchasing something, THANK YOU! Together, we are building a community. I cannot wait to see where we are in a year or two!

Who is Ixchel?

Ixchel Crystals is inspired by the Mayan goddess Ixchel (pronounced Ischel). Ixchel is known as the goddess of the moon, rainbow, healing medicine, and fertility. She is a shaman and a warrior goddess. She is often depicted sitting on the moon or holding a hare (associated with the moon). Ixchel is a goddess of transformation and contradictions; she is both maiden and crone, goddess of both birth and world destruction.  She is believed to be one of the most powerful deities of the Mayan pantheon. I named my business after Ixchel to honor the powerful feminine, to bring healing and transformation and to honor my roots. You can read more about Ixchel here.

Our Values

Ixchel Crystals is a small woman-of-color owned business dedicated to bringing beautiful crystals and natural healing products to our customers.  We honor the earth and we strive to run our business in a way that is sustainable, ethical and respectful of mother earth and all her creatures. We use renewable packaging materials, use organic, non-GMO and fair trade materials wherever possible and purchase the crystals we sell from environmentally and socially responsible mines or from resellers that we know and trust to source from ethical suppliers.  If you want more details about how we strive to live our values, contact us at ixchelcrystals@gmail.com.